Music on the Move: 3 New Music Technology Developments for Vehicles in 2012 [GUEST POST]


This post was written by Helen Pritchard, who writes for both, a used car classified website and Car Finance 247 who specialises in helping people obtain car finance deals.

When you are buying a car it can pay to make sure that the entertainment system is either advanced enough to incorporate into your life or easily replaceable so that you can adapt it to suit your requirements. In 2012 there will be a number of new gadgets entering the in-car audio market to make sure you can enjoy music on the move in a modern manner. Here are just three of the top devices to consider over the coming year.

1. Pioneer SPH-DA01

Pioneer AppRadio

This is the mother of all head units, integrating the latest hardware and software to make sure that it is easy to use but also powerful and scalable. It features a 6.1-inch touchscreen display, bluetooth connectivity, standard AM/FM tuner and a 12-band graphic equalizer. Its real party piece is the ability to interact with the Pioneer AppRadio service in conjunction with smartphones like the Apple iPhone or media players like the iPod Touch. What the head unit can do is not only stream radio from the web using the app, opening up an unlimited world of music, but also piggyback on your smartphone’s other capabilities such as GPS and internet browsing, which means the unit itself does not need to do all of the work, keeping costs down.

2. Ground Zero GZPW 10SPL

Ground Zero GZPW 10SPL

Taking home the EISA Award for the best in-car subwoofer, this unit from Ground Zero is definitely worthy of your attention. It has an almost slimline design, measuring just 10 inches across, but it packs a real punch. Bass accuracy is at the top of the agenda here, while it can take some serious output from whatever amp system you are running, making it perfect for those who want earth-shaking volume in their vehicle.

3. Audison Voce AV 5.1K

If you are looking for an in-car amplifier to update your current setup in 2012, the Audison Voce AV 5.1K might fit the bill. You can actually swap out the modules to switch between a high-res digital input or a top quality analogue input. With the analogue option selected you can experience comprehensive filtering on each of the five channels, high level and low level inputs and authentic sound reproduction. Those who are in love with digital will definitely want to indulge in the full DA 96/24 bit capabilities of this amp. What makes it special is not just the pristine quality of digital music but also the fact that the data flows directly to the power stage on the Voce AV 5.1K as soon as it leaves your head unit, lessening the chance of disruption occurring.

If you simply have to have the best in-car audio equipment for 2012, you will definitely need a fairly elastic budget as this kind of quality comes at a price. However, you should be able to hear all of those pennies at work once you get your kit installed and you are ready to rock and roll. Just be careful not to annoy the neighbors and other road users with the delicious racket!