5 Excellent Mobile Apps for Music Production [GUEST POST]


This article was written by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find internet service providers in your area and compare prices on different deals for your wireless internet necessities. When he’s not writing, he’s in front of the computer producing and composing his own music using various music production softwares.

Today’s smart phones and tablets allow music producers to jot down musical ideas and create music without having to book time in an expensive studio. Among the sea of apps available to the public, there are some excellent apps designed to help musicians create and produce music. Both the Android phones and iPhone offer great platforms for anyone interested in music production.

1. Piano Studio

Piano Studio is an iPhone application that provides a unique and playable piano for composing music. It differs from other piano apps because it provides options to play chords and multiple finger positions according to your personal preferences. It lets users create piano music with multiple chords, sequences and octaves.

2. Niko Twenty Electrum

The Android Market boasts some great apps for drum beats. The Niko Twenty Electrum uses a step sequencer format so that you can create and produce beats of your choice. Since the step sequencer is user-friendly and easy to learn, it is an appropriate application even for those who are new to music production altogether.

This app not only lets you create your own beats, but it provides built-in sounds and allows you to download more extra sound packs from their website.

3. iSyn

iSyn app

iSyn is an application designed for the iPhone. This app uses wireless Internet to incorporate drums with two programmable synthesizers. It also allows you to take the app further and play a backing track so that you are able to add in any other instruments you prefer, such as playing the guitar or a piano while the beats are playing on the app.

When you complete the synthesizing and beats to your satisfaction, adding in other instruments allows you to create the effect of a band even with just one person.

4. Peter Eastman Etherophone

The Peter Eastman Etherophone is a theremin app designed for the Android. It is among the best wireless Internet music production applications for smart phones because this free app is user-friendly and can create some really interesting music. It allows users to adjust the range, select various envelope options and uses sliders for harmonic effects. As you get used to this application, it becomes an easy way to make theremin music that is full of harmony and effects for great sounds.

5. Intua Beatmaker

Intua Beatmaker is a music production app for the iPhone and iPad. The app is designed for those who are serious about making new beats and producing music. In fact, the app comes with a 41-page manual to provide instructions on using the app and creating music with it. Though the app is designed for serious music production, even a beginner can figure out how to make interesting beats via the application by reading the manual and then practicing.

The Beatmaker is similar to a drum machine and provides plenty of options to create even the most complex beats. While it is a great option, anyone who wants a simple application might find this app a bit too daunting.


It is possible to make music on a smart phone because creativity is the only essential skill you need to apply to any of these apps. Don’t stop looking here either; there are plenty of apps out there to discover and experiment with. DJ/MC COOLOUT, aka Christopher Davis is an advocate of the phrase, “It’s not the car, it’s the driver”. He, like many others, has produced great quality tracks with very limited tools. DJ/MC COOLOUT produced an entire hip-hop album solely using nothing but Android music applications which shows just what can be achieved with the wide range of music production apps available these days.

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    I think the future of music production will progress to the APP! think about it can already record sound! if devlopments persist I think you’d be able to get crazy amazing sound recording from your iphone , capture crazy amazing video, be able to edit it on the spot, add in amazing drums and create your song (or demo) while your on the bus going to uni…we can sorta already do this right?

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    These applications are really awesome and i found a new way of music production using these devices one can easily produce the music

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    This is true that future of music production going to be very bright with these music production devices.These devices are really awesome and all applications are helpful in better music production

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