Is This Where We’re Headed?


Right now, I am in the middle of reading a fantastic article by Scott Jenson called “The Zombie Apocalypse.” But this article isn’t about the worldwide invasion of flesh-eating undead humans. It’s about the imminent “zombie apocalypse” of electronics that have been invading our lives over the past few years.

This short blurb really caught my attention:

Here is an imagined scenario that would push this concept further: while I’m working out, I’m listening to some exotic, crowdsourced playlist on my wireless headphones that is being streamed via my phone. When I get into my car, the music automatically transfers to my car stereo. When I get home, the music pauses while I walk into my house but once I dock my phone, it transfers into the house stereo system, which will play on the speakers nearest to me, and will follow me as I move around the house.

Scott Jenson

It seems as though this is where technology is headed. What do you think? Do you find this to be as exciting as I do, or are you looking for your baseball bat?

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MOG Re-Launches Its Music Service: Free but Ad-Supported

I used to run the MOG affiliate ads on this blog before they got all busy, intense, and homogenous. I haven’t unsubscribed yet, so I still get their newsletter, and it seems that they have decided to re-launch their music service. Following suit of its overshadowing competitor Spotify, MOG is now offering free streaming supported by (you guessed it) advertisements.

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Featured Album: “Look What I Stole For Us Baby” by The Embracers

The Embracers - Look What I Stole For Us Baby

I’ve mentioned these guys on my blog once before, but I felt the need to sit down and give their latest album a proper run-through.

The Embracers hail from my homeland in New Jersey and are always gigging in the tri-state area. I’ve played a couple of shows with them before, and had the opportunity to see them live a few times, and I have always been really impressed by this group of guys.

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Attend MicControl’s Blog Promotion Webinar and Receive a Free Copy of My Updated E-Book!

MicControl Webinar

Alongside the launch of their brand new consulting services, Jon and Chris over at MicControl are hosting a 45-minute webinar on blog promotion for musicians. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, August 2nd at 7PM EST (Eastern Standard Time).

These guys are extremely hard workers and have invested huge amounts of their time to learn about how to get in touch with bloggers and create a buzz for your music online.

“…we passionately believe that music blogs are not only THE important filter of today’s music industry, but are also becoming an increasingly important (and easily accessible) marketing tool that ALL emerging musicians should be taking advantage of.”

After the webinar they will also hold a half-hour Q&A session where you can ask additional questions about how to market your music for the blog community. All subscribers will receive 25% off all MicControl’s consulting services, and one lucky winner will win a private Q&A session with Jon and Chris!

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