How to Use Your Twitter Account to Get More Gigs [GUEST POST]


This guest post was written by Marcus Taylor, founder of, a music promotion site offering resources to help musicians succeed in the music business.

After a few years of many musicians using Twitter only as a promotional tool, I’m glad to finally see musicians starting to use Twitter effectively — my Twitter feed this morning was full of musicians having conversations with their fans and sharing interesting, exclusive content. Phew!

However, there’s still room for improvement.

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If You’re a Musician, You Need Your Own Website. Period. [GUEST POST]

Lotus band website screen shot

Marcus Taylor runs a music marketing blog and is the author of The Musician’s Guide to World Domination.

One question that pops up from time to time is, “Do you think artists should have their own website and domain name?” And every time I’m asked, I give the same answer: Hell yeah!

I think the benefits of owning your own band website are abundant, and I will go into some specific benefits in this blog post. But I’d to start off with what I consider the main reason why, as a musician, you should really have your own website.

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