Berkleemusic’s “Online Music Marketing with Topspin” Course [VIDEO]

As another week flies by, I more deeply regret not having signed up for this online course yet. Berkleemusic’s “Online Music Marketing with Topspin” course dives deep into the best online marketing practices with social media, building and supporting a fan base, and basically teaching musicians how to approach their career with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The course focuses heavily on the tools and software of Topspin, a popular technology platform for effectively promoting your music and content online.

“[Topspin] started in earnest, two years ago, with the goal of building software that really helps artists be entrepreneurs, and run their own business.” – Ian Rogers, CEO @topspinmedia

It sounds to me like a very interesting and beneficial course, especially if you do digital marketing for a record label like myself.

Anybody have hands-on experience with the Topspin platform, and willing to share your experience? If so, please leave a quick comment.

  • Chris B.

    FYI for anyone who comes across this, I just signed up for this class through my work! I’m so stoked, it starts January 10th and goes for 12 weeks.

  • Charles Alexander

    Hey Chris, I did the course last semester. I think you’ll like it. Even though it’s about TopSpin, the real value of the course is the best practices overview of music marketing. You’re pretty ninja – so you should have no trouble with it.

  • Chris B.


    I’m taking the course now, and so far so good! I look forward to the next few weeks when we really dive in.