The Democratization of Music [GUEST POST]

festival crowd

This post was written by Jesse Langley, who lives near Chicago. He divides his time among work, writing and family life. He has a keen interest in blogging and social media and also advocates for online education. Mr. Langley writes for Professional Intern.

The way college students discover and experience music has evolved incredibly since my dorm room days as a young English Literature major. But even back then I found it interesting how music functioned as a social equalizer. My university was diverse. We had the sons and daughters of wealthy northeastern WASPS and kids who came from inner city projects. In classes we had students from 26 different countries scattered among farm kids from the Corn Belt.

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7 Ways to Bring Back the Physical Album Experience in Digital Music

physical vs digital music experiences

I’ve been meaning to write this article for a looonnggg time, and I am finally finding the time to get around to it. It really irks me whenever I hear somebody say they are dissatisfied with digital music. It doesn’t have to be some boring, robotic thing, people!

Despite what some industry folks may tell you, there are still tons of music fans out there that prefer the experience that a physical music item can provide. I am one of them. Believe it or not, there are ways that artists can bring some of the physical album experience to digital music. Some of it is common sense, and some of it takes a little “out of the box” thinking, but it is indeed possible.

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Love Him or Hate Him, Jared Leto is Right [VIDEOS]

Jared Leto

While reading my blogs this morning, I came across this series of short videos over at Fast Company, where Jared Leto was asked a couple of interesting questions. Based on what I hear about him from people that I’ve worked with, Jared is a pretty crazy dude that loves to party. However, in these videos he provides some delightfully sobering comments about life goals, business, creativity, building community, and battling fear.

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