Part 2 of 2: How Bad is MP3? [GUEST POST]

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Last time I wrote up a post about my opinions on the MP3 format which included a few listening reviews of various MP3′s in my collection. I admitted the weakness of this experiment, in that I wasn’t comparing these recordings to any other format, so I concluded that I needed to do a review the same recording in both MP3, CD and vinyl forms.

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Part 1 of 2: How Bad is MP3? [GUEST POST]

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In my very first blog post I briefly bashed MP3 as an inferior format for tone deaf plebes. I soon realized that was an extremely hypocritical thing to do, as the majority of my music collection resides on my laptop and iPod in either AAC or MP3. But whenever I listen to these formats, I’m usually doing something else at the same time: riding the bus or subway, walking to class, fidgeting in an uncomfortable airline seat, or hunched over my laptop surfing the internet. I reserve my “critical listening” sessions for vinyl, CD and SACD and so I had never sat down and really listened to MP3′s. As far as I know, MP3 sounds pretty damn good when piped into a hi-fi setup but I was just going off the standard snobbery and assuming that it sucks.

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15 Music Blogs You Should Be Aware Of

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Jeff Norman is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and writes on the bachelor’s degree online for Guide to Online Schools.

Ah, music — our only universal language. And although universal, we all still have our favorite tunes, tracks, and artists. But with all the music floating around in cyberspace, it’s hard to determine the best way to keep tabs on your favorite music. How can you make sure you hear the hottest new tracks and get the lowdown on new discs and concerts before your friends? Take a serious look at my selection here of fifteen music blogs, because they are excellent resources to help you updated on the music you care about.

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HASS Speaks about the Arabic Hip-Hop Movement [INTERVIEW]

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Believe it or not, there is a lot of great hip-hop music coming out of the Arabic countries these days. However, many of them are struggling to get their music heard because most popular radio stations in the Middle East play a very small snapshot of popular music, and (…sadly) most of it is the same Top 40 crap you hear in the United States. Damn you, Gaga.

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