Changing Clocks Release Music Video Made Entirely of Free Images on Flickr

Changing Clocks, a band that I have recently featured on this blog, has just released a music video for their song, “I’ll Be Back this Summer.” I know what you’re thinking – another generic music video by some no-name artist.


The cool thing about this video is that the entire thing is made up of images found on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons licenses. Matt Rod, lead singer, put together this clever mashup of free images to create something unique and fun for his band. Props to you, Matt, you did a kick ass job.

You can view the full credits for the images on Changing Clocks’ website, check ‘em out here.

  • stephen carmichael

    hey this was cool!!


  • Lindsay from YAWMA

    awe! how creative. nice idea

  • Juan carrasco

    Well, it’s a SLIDE SHOW, nothing new, it’s ok but far from creative, it was a good idea but its just images that go with the lyrics in a non interesting manner.
    There’s a lot MORE ways that you can use to display pictures.
    What you did here was put pictures that have something to do with the lyrics, straight out.
    You did not use sarcasm, for example, or look for pictures that had to do with the lyrics in a funny way, or distinctive way.
    You are in the right path though, just try to be more free and funny and witty, and creative.

    I’m not trying to offend you in any way, it’s just my humble opinion.
    I did the video of my band (Luz Oculta) using 0 ZERO budget too, using old blue curtains that I found in my wife’s mom’s house (for a blue screen set up), and light bulbs from old lamps, Then I spent a lot of time on my computer to ad some 3D scenary that I created from scratch, trying to find more creative ways, and I did it, it’s finished with NO budget at all.

  • Chris B.

    Yes it is just a slide show, but what makes it unique is that it only uses images registered under a Creative Commons license on Flickr. Its harder than you might think to find quality images registered in under the Creative Commons.

    I watched your video, and to be honest it really doesn’t make any sense at all…it just looks like you trying to show off your 3D animation skills. One minute you standing on a planet, next your in the hard rock cafe, then you are on Sportcenter-style jumbo screens …. cool that you made it on no budget, though. Kudos.

  • Prashant

    This is so …full of life…sweet. Being creative with little. Squeezing everything from what you have…yes.