The Importance of Collecting Fan Data [VIDEO]

Found this little ditty while surfing YouTube this morning and I wanted to share it with you all. Ian is so right when he rants about the MGMT website, and how crazy their label is for sending fans off to iTunes to purchase the music. By doing that, you are collecting zero data about a fan who’s clearly interested in buying your music. Without their data, you have no way of interacting with that person, no way of building a relationship. A textbook missed opportunity right there.

Most labels have figured this out by now, developing their own e-commerce solutions and stores to collect fan data. But for those of you going at it alone, this is an important aspect of your business that shouldn’t be overlooked!


    great find Chris! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Matt B


  • Mikeborgia

    Great great article. This is the kind of real world stuff I like to see. Hopefully it will sink in with more artists. That was a terrible move on MGMT’s label, but I think they only really were considering the potential revenue and didn’t give a shit about connecting with the fan. Selling through itunes is no more legitimate that selling through bandcamp or cdbaby these days, because anyone can add their music. A true fan will have no trouble buying from the artist no matter where they sell it.

  • Brian Hazard

    Stewart Copeland is pretty smart!