Create Interactive Flyers with ThingLink and SoundCloud

Thanks to this morning’s tabs over at @WAMMusic, I stumbled upon this shiny gem of information. Photo tagging company ThingLink has integrated with SoundCloud in a way that entirely altered my perception of photos and show flyers in the digital realm.

ThingLink is a free service, self-described as “an interactive hotspot you define inside an image, from a thing (an object, a person, or a place) to a link (a shop, a blog post, or anywhere you like).” Basically, this service lets you insert audio, links, and information on top of your image (unobtrusively) so viewers can learn more about the image when they hover over one of the “hotspots.” It also provides links to embed and share the interactive image.

You can check out some great examples at Paper Garden Records’ interactive flyer for their bands at SXSW, and over at Thinglink’s Gallery blog.

Some ideas for you…

Thanks to this integration, you can totally transform the way you use show flyers on your website. For example, you can stick music players in your flyers to let fans preview the other bands on the bill. That way, they know what to expect, and you’re helping promote the other bands at the same time.

Another idea I came up with was tagging live photos with clips from the actual show that the photo was taken. Put it up as a blog post on your website the next morning, and send out the link in a thank you e-mail to your list. If you can’t record your whole set, it could be like a funny rant that the lead singer went on for 24 seconds that one of your band mates happened to capture with a cell phone. It’s a great way for fans to revisit the experience and remember a unique moment like that.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is SO COOL. Attaching music to imagery makes the digital listening experience feel a bit more physical, and I love it. I’m going to be spreading this idea like crraaaazzy.

If you come up with any brilliant ideas using ThingLink and SoundCloud, feel free to share them below!

  • Brian John

    In the age of mobile, it would revolutionize the paper flyer as well! Stick a QR code on any flyer you hand out that links straight back to the interactive one you’ve set up on your site. I love this idea, and can’t wait to see how it develops!

  • Brian Hazard

    Fancy! I wonder if I could use it on my banner on Bandcamp.

  • Chris B.

    Just followed your link, awesome job dude! They look great.