Debate: Music Bloggers vs. A&R – “The Smackdown” [VIDEO]

scion music(less) conference 2010

Maximus WIllens over at We All Make Music (@WAMMusic) wrote a guest post here on Tight Mix about the Scion Music(less) Conference back in 2010, but focused on a different segment of the conference. I came across these videos over at Musformation (@Musformation), and decided to re-post them here because, well, they rock.

I know, they’re “old” videos (the conference was back in June 2010), but totally valuable for anyone looking to catch a glimpse inside the minds of music bloggers and A&R reps.

Moderator: David Prince (Billboard/The Daily Swarm)

Music bloggers: Matthew Perpetua (Fluxblog), Bjorn Jeffery (Discobelle), Ryan Catbird (Catbirdseat)

A&R dudes: Nick Catchdubs (Fool’s Gold), Dean Bein (True Panther/Matador A&R), Gordon Conrad (Relapse)

  • m4skbb

    great article segment. It’s quite simple to see that bloggers and A & R are completely two different animals. Taste decides the content blog writers support and the labels want to jump on a band that already sells records on their own and has a strong buzz. It’s not rocket science, but easy to forget.
    It was intriquing to hear that countless numbers of bands have a large blogger buzz and don’t sell any records.