Fairtilizer.com Amidst Major Upgrades, Changes Name to Official.fm

fairtilizer alert

Last night, Fairtilizer shot out a bunch of tweets indicating that they are going through a major upgrade to their system, and that all widgets will be broken during this time period.

It turns out the upgrade they are making is major-er than I anticipated. From all the error messages I am getting while trying to visit their site, it seems like they are changing their name to Official.fm.

It’s a bold move to change the name of your business without giving people ample notice, but I think I like the change. I was never really a fan of the name Fairtilizer, it always seemed strange to me.

I just went to a page that I knew had a Fairtilizer widget on it, and here’s what the widgets currently look like:


Then I tried going to Fairtilizer.com, and I was re-directed to Official.fm, and this page popped up:

Hopefully they will be back up soon so I can explore whatever this upgrade has in store! Stay tuned, I’ll probably write another post about their new features once they are up and running.