Featured Album: “Look What I Stole For Us Baby” by The Embracers

The Embracers - Look What I Stole For Us Baby

I’ve mentioned these guys on my blog once before, but I felt the need to sit down and give their latest album a proper run-through.

The Embracers hail from my homeland in New Jersey and are always gigging in the tri-state area. I’ve played a couple of shows with them before, and had the opportunity to see them live a few times, and I have always been really impressed by this group of guys.

“Look What I Stole For Us Baby” is an interesting brew of folk, southern, and indie rock. Every song seems to highlight a different member of the band, and I love that these guys are able to trade lead roles and create different focal points throughout the album. Both lead vocalists have extremely different vocal styles and ranges which makes for some really interesting contrasts.

You can pick up their latest album in a zillion different ways, the easiest probably being iTunes and Amazon MP3.