Featured Album this Week (7/5/10): “S/T” by All Saints Day

All Saints Day - S/T

This week’s featured music isn’t technically an “album,” but it’s definitely close enough. And the music was so awesome that I had to make the exception.

All Saints Day is a side project between Vivian Girls‘ Katy Goodman, and Cat Power keyboardist Gregg Foreman. Side projects are sometimes risky business for musicians, but the result of this collaboration is nothing short of awesome. The 4-song collection in their Bandcamp store is labeled “S/T,” and each song meshes together so perfectly; it’s as if the four tracks are just one long string of goodness.

<a href="http://allsaintsday.bandcamp.com/album/s-t">It&#8217;ll Come Around by All Saints Day</a>

The first song, “It’ll Come Around,” can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp store, and is my definite favorite out of the four songs. Whatever noise that is spewing out of the keyboards is so unique and crazy; it sounds almost like a buzz-saw, yet it doesn’t take away from the ambient nature of the song, it complements it perfectly!

The vocal melodies have a very ambient quality, soaking in lovely reverb and transporting the listener to whatever planet it sounds like she is singing from. I sometimes find music like this to just be noise, but these songs are focused and have great melodies interlaced throughout. All in all – I love All Saints Day. Great stuff. I look forward to a full album.