Featured Album this Week (1/31/11): “Venus Flying Trapeze” by Jeff Beam

Jeff Beam - Venus Flying Trapeze

I’ve been doing some work for a brand new, 4G radio station called Maine.fm, and that’s precisely how I stumbled upon this week’s featured artist. Jeff Beam is a small town dude from Maine conjuring up a really interesting blend of psychedelic indie rock. His latest album, “Venus Flying Trapeze,” takes you on a journey for sure.

Along side catchy vocal melodies and thoughtful lyrics, the album is riddled with interesting electronic sounds, quotes, crowd noises, and other miscellaneous murmuring. It’s very tastefully done, really complimenting the songs instead of distracting from them. I hear distinct influences from bands like The Flaming Lips, Elliot Smith, and Of Montreal all over this album.

The entire thing is written, recorded, mixed, and produced by Jeff. He is also responsible for nearly all the sounds on the album, minus a few random instrument cameos here and there. That’s some serious hustle, dude!

The last song on the album, “Can’t You Feel The Curve of the Earth?” is currently getting airplay over on Maine.fm, and rightfully so. You can stream, download, and purchase all of Jeff’s music over on his Bandcamp page.