• http://twitter.com/musicarmichael stephen carmichael

    hey this is a great idea. can use use html and css with reverberation?


  • http://tightmixblog.com Chris B.

    stephen, im not totally sure, but i don't think so. they give you a variety of custom templates to choose from. they might let you modify the html behind them? Not sure : give it a try!

  • http://twitter.com/MalkiMeansKing Malki Means King

    Im liking the templates. Mailchimp has worked for me, because it also tracks e-mails and lets you know how many people actually read them. Check out one I sent Recently: http://eepurl.com/MyDL maybe I can load your template in mailchimp

  • http://tightmixblog.com Chris B.

    Now that I think about it, Mailchimp's really aren't that bad at all. FYI – My template is definitely meant be used along with a mailing list service provider like Mailchimp, FanBridge, ReverbNation, etc. Being able to see the statistics is a huge part of it.

    I looked at your e-mail newsletter, and here's my two cents about it. I am going to be completely honest with you. To me, it looks and feels a bit spammy. If it were sent to me, I'm not so sure I would read it. Large fonts, and a bit too many calls-to-action (watch my video, download this, come out to that show, etc) makes it looks busy, and a little confusing.

    If you are reluctant to use my template, totally cool. To improve your current newsletter, however, I would recommend using a thinner template so it looks nice when opened on mobile devices. Also, talk to your fans more personally in the newsletter, instead of shouting at them. Simply saying “Hello [person's name]” is a good start! Many mailing list services allow you to automatically insert the recipient's name into the e-mail, using some kind of shortcode like [FIRSTNAME] or something.

    Also, try to reduce the font size of everything, and only include one call-to-action in each e-mail. Keep the e-mails short, concise, personable, and to the point. For one e-mail, mention your video….mention a music download in another e-mail, and mention a live show in another e-mail…spread them out over a month, and there you go — 3 solid e-mails to your fans in 30 days! Between 1-4 emails a month is usually a good number that won't make them feel bothered or compelled to unsubscribe.

    I would recommend subscribing to Color Theory's mailling list (http://www.colortheory.com) for some incredibly awesome examples on great e-mail newsletters (and good music, too).

    Also, here is some basic, basic advice that should get you started: http://bit.ly/c1ee4S

    I hope you find some of this advice helpful!

  • http://tightmixblog.com Chris B.

    Ah, forgot to mention this before, but your website it dope! excellent job with that.

  • Jon Ostrow

    This is an excellent article! As great as social media can be, there is nothing as powerful as the direct access you have to fans through their email.

  • http://tightmixblog.com Chris B.

    amen to that, brother.

  • http://twitter.com/EllaMiuz Ella Miuz

    (I know these posts are a little old, but I’ve been going through all the recent ones…)

    That’s great!

    I kind of did the same thing with FanBridge (thanks for the link) however.

    First of all, I got your #1 tip of mistakes to avoid already – about promoting too early..

    BUT I added the FanBridge box to my splash page, just in case someone might want to sign up to hear my releases. I don’t want lost opportunities. :-D

    I also was already tweeting, but that is different, right? Anyone can tweet. For SOME things it’s good to start early or as early as we’d like – same thing for the domain name / snatching other website usernames / and at least having a splash page. I think.

    I will add that even before I saw that article, I wanted to wait to comment on blogs. Eh! That might be silly.

    Anyway, back to FanBridge… the templates mostly didn’t work for me – nothing for pop music – HOWEVER – the red/black grungy one without the red header did work with my own. One can’t customize the background image, but can with the header.

    I guess that’s just my own tip!