Chris Rockett’s Giant Musician Promotion Resource List

Music promotion resources

Chris Rockett sent me an e-mail the other day, letting me know that he included my blog in a giant list of music promotion resources. I was all like yay, so I took a gander and then was all like WOW.

The list that Chris put together is pretty impressive, and he includes several blogs that I’ve never heard of so it looks like I’ve got some catching up to do! Chris even went through the trouble to create a video tutorial on how to set up Google Reader so you can keep track of all these resources day-to-day.

Here’s the post: Giant Musician Promotion Resource To Help You CRUSH IT!

  • Chris Rockett

    Hey Chris, thank you so much for posting about this.

    You rock! ;-)

  • Dacey Mathers

    This is good since he has given you a way to promote your blogs for music promotion.Your resources can be useful for other artist that are looking for music promotion.

  • Jeremy Gilbert

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