Google+ Introduces Pages for Businesses and Brands

Google+ Pages

I was really excited about Google+ when it first launched, and made sure I was one of the first people to snag and invite and try out the platform. As they build out and expand, Google+ has just recently introduced professional pages for businesses and brands.

If you’re a band or musician, you finally have a proper place to represent yourself on the social network. Instead of creating a personal account to promote your music (at the risk of violating the terms of service and being banned), you can now create a page much like you probably already have on Facebook.

I created a Google+ Page for Tight Mix, just for kicks so you can see how they look… you can also check out the page that All-American Rejects recently created to get some ideas for content.

They are still rolling out the functionality to users, so to check if you have access to create a page, head on over here.

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    I really need it…….
    Actually I also need that How I can create public album in Google bookmarks….!

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    I look forward to seeing the unfolding the evolution of Google+ for business and brands as there will be a lot more to come.