HASS Speaks about the Arabic Hip-Hop Movement [INTERVIEW]

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Believe it or not, there is a lot of great hip-hop music coming out of the Arabic countries these days. However, many of them are struggling to get their music heard because most popular radio stations in the Middle East play a very small snapshot of popular music, and (…sadly) most of it is the same Top 40 crap you hear in the United States. Damn you, Gaga.

HASS, an Arabic hip-hop artist and founder of underground music blog Re-Volt Radio reached out to me the other day about his music and the inspiring hip-hop movement coming out of Saudi Arabia.

“For me, music can elevate minds, and that’s what I really strive for. If you can listen to a piece of music that can actually elevate your mind after tuning in to it, that’s something very cool.” – HASS

I wanted to share with you an interview between HASS and radio host Tasleem J. El-Hakim of Radio Islam (Chicago, IL). He is a smart, passionate guy who understands what it takes to get heard in 2011, and there is a lot of great information in this interview.

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