How to: Auto-Post Your Blog to 30+ Social Networks at Once


I haven’t been able to get this quite right until about 3 hours ago, and I am now going to set this up for all of the artists that I work with. I have researched for weeks on this topic before, and have been unable to find any all-inclusive solutions for automatically syndicating new blog posts to all of the social networks I use…until now.

I currently have Facebook and Twitter set up to automatically post (via WordTwit and NetworkedBlogs), but I have been manually submitting my posts to places like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, FriendFeed, and others. Not exactly efficient.

Alas, I have finally found some light at the end of the tunnel. In this post, I will talk about two different methods that you can use to syndicate your new blog posts across 30+ social networks at one time. Pretty awesome, right?

There’s a plug-in for that!

If your a WordPress user, I have found a very handy plug-in that seamlessly links your blog with If you are not familiar with, it’s a free service that allows you to connect all of your social networks together, so that when you post one update (via, it is automatically posted to all social networking profiles that you have added to your account. I used to use it a few months back, but abandoned it because I got tired of manually typing in status updates every time a new blog post went up. Now that I found this plug-in, however, I am hooked once again!

To get this working, you need to first download from the WordPress plug-in directory. You can download the plug-in here. Unzip the file, copy and paste the “wpingfm” folder into your “/wp-content/plugins/” folder, and activate the plug-in in your WordPress admin area.



On the plug-in’s settings page in your WordPress admin area, you can customize the mass update to include whatever you want (links are automatically inserted at the end of posts, FYI…and they are automatically converted to shortlinks, which is nice too!).


Next, you need to create an account with Head over to, and set up your account for free. It takes no more than 10 seconds.

After signing up and logging in, you should be automatically directed to a page where you can add various social networks. Start adding the ones that you wish to update with your new blog post announcements. The process is tedious, but really intuitive and easy and only has to be done once. As Brian Hazard likes to say, “set it and forget it.”

After you’ve connected all your social networks, you need to retrieve your API key from so your blog can interact with to let it know when to send out your mass updates.

Click here to get your API key (you must be logged in).

Copy and paste your API key into the respective field on the settings page of the plug-in, located under the “Settings” tab in your WordPress admin area.

wpingfm api key

Save your API key, then choose what kinds of posts you’d like to update, and save those changes as well.

And you’re done! That was easy, wasn’t it?

For non-Wordpress users

Not using WordPress? Not a problem! There’s a solution for you as well, and all you need is a simple RSS feed (which you should already have if you are actively blogging) to get started.


This method also leverages the power of, but uses another service called TwitterFeed, which connects your RSS feed to your account.

First, head over to, set up your free account, and connect all of your social networks. If you can’t figure out how to do this, read my short directions above.

After setting up, here are the steps to follow to set up TwitterFeed as the middle-man between your blog and your account:

  1. Go to and sign up for free.
  2. Copy and paste your blog’s RSS feed, and click “Advanced Settings” at the bottom to customize how your mass updates will appear.
  3. Proceed to the next page, and select “” from the list of services.
  4. Insert your API key in the correct field.
  5. Click “Create Service” on the bottom of the page.

Voila! Either of these methods should do the trick. Now, whenever you publish a new blog post, you will no longer have to sit and manually update each of your social networking profiles every time.

I’d like to briefly mention that automatically posting your blog entries will not guarantee that people will click your links, or even read your status update. It’s up to you to engage and connect with those people, and get them interested in what you are blogging about. Also, some websites like Reddit and Digg do not sync with, and require you to submit your link. There are other plug-ins to take care of this, but it is usually bad practice on social news sites to only submit links from your own blog. I found this out the hard way on Reddit, and now I pick and choose what articles I will expose to those communities, and try to share relevant links from other websites as well.

I hope this article saves some people a little bit of time so they can focus on other cool shit, like writing music or climbing mountains. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Brian Hazard

    Great article! One thing to consider when letting link to your blog by creating its own short URL is that your tweet and share counts won’t go up. For that reason, I like to announce my posts via the share tools embedded in my blog.

  • Chris B.

    that’s a good point, Brian, I overlooked that….but that is a lot of tedius work if you have to sit there and retweet every single time you post a new blog article. If that’s not what you do, then please share the tools your using!

  • Brian Hazard

    I’m lucky to post one a week! Instead of using, I use the buttons on the post to tweet and share on Facebook (which also has the advantage of letting me choose the thumbnail.)

  • Lindsay from YAWMA

    This is helpful. I just started using Havent really explored to much but Its basically the same idea. Rather be doing other things than updating social media outlets all damn day. LOL

  • Chris B.

    You’ve inspired me to start using Posterous too! I’ve known about it for some time but have been kind of lazy in trying it out….i really love it’s simplicity (easy to customize themes as well), and it would work great for a personal blog (which i am working on), where someone can easily upload pictures, video, and blog posts from the road (via email), and have them automatically blasted out to his or her social networks. Win.

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  • Selfreliantguy

    very informative article Brian, I’ve been looking something like this to broadcast my updates. thanks

  • EzPayment2U

    through the ‘Add New’ plugins I’ve found plugins (not for my WordPress… I think they both are the same only the name is different…

    Previously I’ve found Pingler but you need to pay for their Premium service (free for 5 days)
    Actually is better compare to so now I have to deactive and delete Pingler from my WordPress and continue using

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  • Herb Rubinstein

    I used Ping FM… worked for about 2 hours. Now it doesn’t pick up the feeds any longer. Kinda buggy. Usually when something works once…it continues…..??

  • Chris B.

    Really? That’s odd, I’ve never experienced that before.

  • Android app developer

    Very descriptive , u were not in hurry like others . Ive set it up but i didnt see any updates over social networks may be a time lag , if not ill have to come back to your page and take some help

  • j_col

    As stated for non WordPress publishers, Twitterfeed is a great service. I prefer RSS Graffiti for publishing to Facebook walls though.

    “Also, some websites like Reddit and Digg do not sync with, and require you to submit your link. There are other plug-ins to take care of this, but it is usually bad practice on social news sites to only submit links from your own blog.”

    I’m not sure about Reddit, but I know with the new version of Digg you can submit your RSS feed and have your new posts automatically submitted and “dugg” by your Digg account as they appear in your feed. No penalty will be incurred, it’s actually encouraged! I wrote about it here (amongst other social networks):

    @Lindsay: thanks for the tip about Posterous, it looks interesting!

  • Chris B.

    John, you are absolutely right about Reddit. I found out the very hard way that they DO NOT like people that only submit articles from their own blog. They will flame the fuck out of you, and you’ll be outcasted in no time. There are very strong communities within Reddit, and it’s really important to serve the community more than you serve yourself in places like that.

  • Casino Shark

    Thanks for the article. Will try it right away to get all my social media sites updated at once.

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  • Eddie Potros

    This was a very useful article. I’m using for my blog but it doesn’t seem to post my updates to all the services but only to twitter and facebook and a couple more. Any ideas on that?

  • Chris B.

    Hmm sorry, not sure. I no longer use that plug-in! That’s definitely a question for & the plug-in creators.

  • Gareth

    Great article, thanks! I tend to use twitterfeed as it’s really easy to use but the downside is I can only use it for facebook and twitter so thanks for the alternatives

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  • Ajmal

    it is really a interesting post. I need it because i am posting all the social network one by one which are very time consuming. But using this method i can publish my post all network instantly and very easily.

  • Susan

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  • Sujoy Dhar

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    Cheers !

  • David

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  • Maria M.

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  • Wijdan Rohail

    Ping.FM was no doubt an excellent service and plugin, but unfortunately it is no more, I’m missing it.