How to Turn a Show in Front of 8 People Into Your Most Important Show Ever [RE-BLOG]

empty stage

I absolutely love Musformation – nearly every freaking post there is valuable and interesting. Now if only the site didn’t take so long to load (sorry @JesseCannon)…

I showed this article to the rest of the members of my band a few days ago, and it totally inspired them. Minutes later, no joke, they actually came up with this insanely awesome idea to get more people out to our gigs (can’t share, top secret).

This article really drives home some great points that I would like to summarize for all you busy people out there.

Play a killer set, regardless of audience size.

Always give it 3,924,873,289%. You never, ever know who will be listening.

Also, if there are literally eight people there, make them a part of the show. Dedicate a song to “that guy in the corner,” everyone will know who you’re pointing at since the place is nearly empty. Buy a round a drinks for them on the band…you get the picture.

Socialize with fans and other bands.

This is something that took my band and I literally years to realize (I know, pretty sad). Walk around and talk to people at the place! Bands, fans, bartenders, managers, etc…just talk. About anything. Make a new friend.

My band and I used play our set, pack up, thank the owners/booking agents, and leave unsatisfied every time. I hate to admit that, but it was true. We we’re such boneheads in high school, it was ridiculous. We had this mentality that we were better than the rest and that our music would speak for itself, and we couldn’t be more wrong.

If you read nothing else in this post, read this quote -

“If you don’t know it by now, being a dick doesn’t make you seem like a rock star, it makes you seem like a dick.” – Jesse Cannon, @Musformation

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