Is This Where We’re Headed?


Right now, I am in the middle of reading a fantastic article by Scott Jenson called “The Zombie Apocalypse.” But this article isn’t about the worldwide invasion of flesh-eating undead humans. It’s about the imminent “zombie apocalypse” of electronics that have been invading our lives over the past few years.

This short blurb really caught my attention:

Here is an imagined scenario that would push this concept further: while I’m working out, I’m listening to some exotic, crowdsourced playlist on my wireless headphones that is being streamed via my phone. When I get into my car, the music automatically transfers to my car stereo. When I get home, the music pauses while I walk into my house but once I dock my phone, it transfers into the house stereo system, which will play on the speakers nearest to me, and will follow me as I move around the house.

Scott Jenson

It seems as though this is where technology is headed. What do you think? Do you find this to be as exciting as I do, or are you looking for your baseball bat?

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  • Gabriel Ravarini

    You can’t blame a tool by its use. In the end, we’re responsibles of control those tools, not the other way around.