Mad Katz’s Guitar Controller for Rock Band 3 Has 102 Buttons!!!

Rock Band 3 Guitar

My buddy Dan Becker (@danielbbecker) sent me this link a few minutes ago, and I was instantly amazed.

This may be old news, I don’t really know, but regardless, Mad Katz’s new guitar controller for Rock Band 3 is INCREDIBLE! The thing actually has 6 “strings,” with 17 “frets” on each string. That’s 102 buttons on the neck of the guitar alone. With all of these buttons, video game lovers with no prior experience can actually learn basic chord progressions to popular songs. Not that they would know what actual chords or notes they were playing, but hey, it’s a start!

According to the article Dan sent me, the buttons feel very soft, realistic and responsive to the player. I don’t own any of the Rock Band games, but some of my friends do, so I’ll definitely try to convince them to get their hands on this thing.