Attend MicControl’s Blog Promotion Webinar and Receive a Free Copy of My Updated E-Book!

MicControl Webinar

Alongside the launch of their brand new consulting services, Jon and Chris over at MicControl are hosting a 45-minute webinar on blog promotion for musicians. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, August 2nd at 7PM EST (Eastern Standard Time).

These guys are extremely hard workers and have invested huge amounts of their time to learn about how to get in touch with bloggers and create a buzz for your music online.

“…we passionately believe that music blogs are not only THE important filter of today’s music industry, but are also becoming an increasingly important (and easily accessible) marketing tool that ALL emerging musicians should be taking advantage of.”

After the webinar they will also hold a half-hour Q&A session where you can ask additional questions about how to market your music for the blog community. All subscribers will receive 25% off all MicControl’s consulting services, and one lucky winner will win a private Q&A session with Jon and Chris!

I’m also excited to announce that everyone who subscribes to MicControl’s debut webinar will also receive a free copy of my recently updated e-book, “How to REALLY Get Your Music on Blogs”.

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Interested? To learn more, please visit this blog post on the MicControl website. If you’re already convinced, you can sign up using the link above!