Ask Questions About the Music Industry Over at The Musician’s Guide


Just the other day, Marcus Taylor (@themusicguide), founder of The Musician’s Guide, created a new section to his website called MIquestions. If you’ve got a burning question (or answer) about the music industry, you can quickly and easily it on Marcus’ website. There’s no signing up, no hassle, just really simple Q&A.

The questions are separated into categories, and each category has an expert who will be able to review and provide answers. Also, musicians can answer each other’s questions, and whoever participates that most will appear on the right-hand sidebar of the website (with their Gravatar image and a link to their site).

For us bloggers, it can also be a great way to find out what information musicians want to learn about, and can help us get out of a slump if we are suffering from writer’s block.

If you have a question that needs answering, head on over to MIquestions and ask away!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks a bunch for featuring this, I really appreciate it :)


  • stephen carmichael

    hey this is cool! I love this! I think it will spark a great community if not already!