MOG Re-Launches Its Music Service: Free but Ad-Supported

I used to run the MOG affiliate ads on this blog before they got all busy, intense, and homogenous. I haven’t unsubscribed yet, so I still get their newsletter, and it seems that they have decided to re-launch their music service. Following suit of its overshadowing competitor Spotify, MOG is now offering free streaming supported by (you guessed it) advertisements.

I don’t have much experience with MOG’s music service to be quite honest. Is it any good? Similar to Spotify? I know that Brian Hazard (@colortheory) has a lot of great things to say about it, but I haven’t tried it out in full yet. This free-version launch is tempting me to give it a whirl…but I’m not a big fan of the Spotify experience. If it’s similar, MOG may turn me off as well. For the time being, my place of music worship is Rdio.

  • Brian Hazard

    The #1 reason I love MOG is that it lets me download 320 kbps files to my iPhone. The sound quality is distinctly better than Spotify, especially since Spotify still, after years of being pestered, hasn’t upgraded their entire library to 320 kbps. Either way, Spotify’s mobile app only does 160 kbps.

    Since I only listen on my phone, and sound quality is paramount, MOG is the clear winner. But they’ve got a lot of other things going for them too: a desktop app (Mac only so far), a clean HTML5 web interface, and a catalog that beats Spotify’s in most head-to-head comparisons I’ve read. I liked Rdio too when I tried it, but their catalog had way too many holes.

  • Julian

    They could make it free with unlimited hours and no ads and I will still never use it. Yay for the pirate bay!

  • Chris B.

    that just doesnt make any sense, but damnit i respect your resilience. 

  • Chris B.

    I was hoping you’d leave that exact comment :) thanks for the info Brian!

  • Chris B.

    Also, yeah, Rdio does have some holes in their catalog here and there, but they are definitely getting better by the day. They are always announcing new licensing deals via their Facebook page, so I think they are doing a pretty good job playing catch-up with their catalog.

    I will definitely give MOG a try though, it sounds promising :) plus I love the idea of better sound quality.

  • Brian Hazard

    You or anyone else who wants to give MOG a try can get two weeks of premium service free with this link: