Professions and Salary Ranges in the Music Industry for 2010 [SURVEY]

music industry salaries

The Career Development Center at the Berklee College of Music has published a very interesting survey about the various music industry professions along with their respective annual salary ranges in 2010. The study covers a broad range of specific careers, including orchestral, Broadway, and studio musicians; choir directors; jingles, TV, and film score composers; arrangers; conductors; instrument makers; A&R; managers; music attorneys; video game audio engineers; live sound and sound recording engineers; audiologists; and music teachers.

After looking through it, I noticed that a lot of the professions listed have extremely wide salary ranges ($20,000-$1,000,000+ in some cases). The majority of these musicians and industry workers are probably earning salaries closer to the lower end of these ranges. Our industry has become so saturated, and the level of expertise and geographical locations can greatly affect the salary that you earn.

Basically, what this survey tells me is that it’s damn hard to make a great living in the music industry.

However, there is a bit of hope! According to Peter Spellman, director of the Career Development Center at Berklee, there is an increasing potential for those with expertise in digital marketing, new media PR, and micro-sponsorshop development. I have seen evidence of this because I watch the job boards carefully. More and more companies are seeking digital marketing directors, social media managers, and people with similar experience. If that isn’t music to my ears, I’m not sure what is… :)

You can download and read the survey by clicking here.

  • Jingles

    So now i think its very hard to live as a musician and earn money. But i think its not that bad that you cant live happily.