(formerly Fairtilizer) Launches with a Ton of New Features


As I blogged about earlier, Fairtilizer recently went through a major upgrade, and decided to change their name to Well now, their new hotness is up and running, and aims to be the fastest music website in the world, and the official home for DIY artists, labels, and media to host their music.

They wrote a pretty extensive list of new upgrades and features on their blog, but here are the most important ones:

A new home for your music


One of the best new changes to the website is the incredible URL that you will be getting for FREE. It used to be ““, which was really obscure and not very SEO-friendly. With the new upgrade, it is now “”. The combination of your band name, the word official, and the tag “FM” will definitely result in much better SEO results for your page.

A new way to explore music around the world

On, you can now search for music from a huge, full-page interactive map of the world. The darkest-shaded countries indicate where the most music is being produced and uploaded, and you can filter your browsing experience by genre, popularity, and other options.

Sharing music is easier

On the old design, it was sometimes hard to figure out where the sharing and embedding buttons were, but the re-design makes both actions painfully obvious, and only one click away.

A new API

They don’t provide many details about this yet, but state that the API will open up opportunities for developers to integrate the experience in external websites, and make it possible to create mobile apps.

Sounds really exciting! I’m a huge fan of their widgets, and I’m glad that the website is much more intuitive now. if you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out now.

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