Professions and Salary Ranges in the Music Industry for 2010 [SURVEY]

music industry salaries

The Career Development Center at the Berklee College of Music has published a very interesting survey about the various music industry professions along with their respective annual salary ranges in 2010. The study covers a broad range of specific careers, including orchestral, Broadway, and studio musicians; choir directors; jingles, TV, and film score composers; arrangers; conductors; instrument makers; A&R; managers; music attorneys; video game audio engineers; live sound and sound recording engineers; audiologists; and music teachers.

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Pledgemusic Launches “Record Label” and “Signs” First Artist


Pledgemusic has easily become one of my favorite fan funding companies in the space. The platform they provide for artists and fans to connect is incredible, and allows musicians and music lovers to interact and support each other without it feeling cheesy or gimmicky like some other fan funding platforms out there.

Pledgemusic’s CEO Benji Rogers has a great head on his shoulders (read this incredible interview with him), and the company recently decided to start its own “record label” and “sign” their first artist, The Damnwells.

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Whacked Out Promotion Ideas that ACTUALLY Get People Out to Your Shows

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A couple of nights ago, an brave soul by the name of “Mastertone” posed a question on Reddit asking other musicians to share their wackiest promotion techniques.

In less than 24 hours, the thread garnered over 90 comments from musicians talking about the strangely successful things they’ve done to promote their gigs. Others complained that these “promo techniques” are cheap gimmicks. This is why I am fascinated by Reddit. The community there is rock solid, even rabid at times. When Reddit users find something interesting, controversial, or cool, it spreads quicker than an STD in a strip club.

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