So How About Them Recent Facebook Changes…

Facebook Timeline

I’m terrified, awestruck, and excited by the changes Facebook has brought about over the past couple of weeks. A beta version of the Open Graph has been released. Tons of amazing partners like Rdio and Netflix are now deeply integrated with the social networking giant. Profile pages have completely transformed into a timeline that chronicles your life. An additional news ticker now follows you down the page. And subscriptions…?

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Is This Where We’re Headed?


Right now, I am in the middle of reading a fantastic article by Scott Jenson called “The Zombie Apocalypse.” But this article isn’t about the worldwide invasion of flesh-eating undead humans. It’s about the imminent “zombie apocalypse” of electronics that have been invading our lives over the past few years.

This short blurb really caught my attention:

Here is an imagined scenario that would push this concept further: while I’m working out, I’m listening to some exotic, crowdsourced playlist on my wireless headphones that is being streamed via my phone. When I get into my car, the music automatically transfers to my car stereo. When I get home, the music pauses while I walk into my house but once I dock my phone, it transfers into the house stereo system, which will play on the speakers nearest to me, and will follow me as I move around the house.

Scott Jenson

It seems as though this is where technology is headed. What do you think? Do you find this to be as exciting as I do, or are you looking for your baseball bat?

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MOG Re-Launches Its Music Service: Free but Ad-Supported

I used to run the MOG affiliate ads on this blog before they got all busy, intense, and homogenous. I haven’t unsubscribed yet, so I still get their newsletter, and it seems that they have decided to re-launch their music service. Following suit of its overshadowing competitor Spotify, MOG is now offering free streaming supported by (you guessed it) advertisements.

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Music on the Move: 3 New Music Technology Developments for Vehicles in 2012 [GUEST POST]


This post was written by Helen Pritchard, who writes for both, a used car classified website and Car Finance 247 who specialises in helping people obtain car finance deals.

When you are buying a car it can pay to make sure that the entertainment system is either advanced enough to incorporate into your life or easily replaceable so that you can adapt it to suit your requirements. In 2012 there will be a number of new gadgets entering the in-car audio market to make sure you can enjoy music on the move in a modern manner. Here are just three of the top devices to consider over the coming year.

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