Penn State’s Music Scene is Getting Molested.

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The State College music scene is taking another blow. And I thought Asher Roth was bad (he performed last night at Wallypalooza for ONLY 40 MINUTES….some headliner, huh?). Imagine getting paid $10,000 for 40 minutes of chanting jibberish? Mind blowing.

Anyways, Nittany Booking, one of the best music promoters in State College, may come to an end at the end of this semester because Garrett Bogden, the founder, is graduating.

They have come a long way since 2006, booking several national acts and excellent local talent at venues throughout downtown State College. They put on some great shows here, it really sucks to see them go. Garrett said that Nittany Booking is “basically over,” it really sucks that he didn’t groom a replacement or try to keep the company alive somehow. If I had more than a year left here at PSU I’d consider taking the reins!

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Simple Marketing Advice for Indie Musicians

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I just read an article that reminded me of some really basic marketing principles that may seem pretty obvious, but can definitely be forgotten over time. And they shouldn’t be! These fundamentals are extremely important, especially to indie musicians. If you are one of those musicians out there trying to do it on your own, selling albums out of your car’s trunk (props to Johnny Cash), or going door-to-door like some kind of perverted Girl Scout, then you need to be aware of these!!!

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Why the Radio and Music Industries Suck Today [VIDEO]

Just ran into this video over at, and it is really insightful. What Frank Zappa says at the beginning is so articulate and conducive to my own thoughts, I really don’t think I could have said it better myself. There is some other stuff in there that I don’t agree with personally, but I was still very intrigued by it all.

Fastest Guitar Player in the World (2008)

This is really just one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. No words, just wow. I wonder if anybody’s been able to beat him since then!

If you want to skip the intro, he starts shredding at 2:59.

It’s 2009, and Penn State’s Music Festivals….Suck. WHY!?

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Penn State’s spring semester brings all sorts of musical events to the students and residents of State College. There are festivals, arena concerts, theater performances and bar acts to be enjoyed by all. I don’t really pay much attention to the concerts held at our Bryce Jordan Center (more accurately, the “bj center”) because, for the most part, they are boring, pop garbage acts – Akon, Rihanna, New Kids on the Block!?!?!? and the like.

Also, I’m not the artsy fartsy theater type, so classical/orchestral performances don’t really appeal to me that much either. And, bar acts are usually cover bands around here so I take that for what it is, I guess. They’re usually fun after about 12 beers or a couple “monkeyboys” (a large pitcher of mystery liquor sold at some bars here for five bucks). Quantity, not quality, my friends. :)

Anyways, each year I look forward to finding out what acts our several music festivals have to offer. Festivals are awesome, mainly because they’re free to students, but also because they provide an atmosphere that I am very attracted to.

The two main festivals here at Penn State are Movin’ On and Wallypalooza, the Penn State UPUA’s attempt at a music festival. Wallypalooza is new this year, and it will take place on Thursday, 4/23/09.

Ok, now prepare yourself for some ranting.

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