Spotify Finally Available in the U.S.

Spotify now in US

After many months of bitching and moaning from music fans, the craze that has swept over Europe is finally crossing the Atlantic and coming to the United States. Spotify is poised and ready to rule the streaming music space worldwide. Launching in the U.S. is definitely a big victory for the company, and personally I cannot wait to give the service a try.

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Amazon Cloud Offers Free Unlimited Music Storage for a Limited Time

Amazon Cloud Storage Free Music Offer

In an effort to stay afloat amongst it’s other cloud competitors, Amazon is running an offer that sounds very enticing to music junkies like myself. For users who sign up for a paid storage plan (the plans start at $20 a year for 20GB ), they will also receive unlimited storage for MP3 and AAC music files. This means that those files won’t count towards their storage cap, which is pretty awesome for people like me who have enormous music collections.

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