Check Out Paul Gilbert’s Pedalboard Setup For His 2011 Tour

Paul Gilbert working on his pedalboard

Guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert will be traveling around the world during his 2011 Mr. Big Tour, which officially started on April 2, 2011. He’ll be shredding with original band members Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan, and Pat Torpey. The day before the tour kicked off, Paul invited Bullet Cable designer Ted McCann to his practice studio so that the two of them could re-wire Paul’s pedal board with solder-less connectors developed by Bullet Cable, with the promise of cleaner tone and less clutter.

Paul’s pedalboard was pretty messy before using his new Bullet Cables, as proven by this before shot that was taken:


After Ted got a hold of his board, he definitely helped clean it up a bit, using cables that are cut to the exact lengths needed to minimize noise, clutter, and potential cable damage:


If you’re curious about what pedals Paul is using, and can’t quite make out what they say from the photos, here’s a graphic & video that explains his current signal chain: