Helps Guitarists Configure Their Pedal Board Before Purchasing

Pedalboard Planner

A couple months back, I decided that I wanted a few more pedals, but knew that they wouldn’t be able to fit on my current pedal board. It was time to invest in a bigger pedalboard. I scanned through eBay for cheapest, largest pedalboards I could find, and found some really excellent deals. However, I had no idea if all my pedals would actually fit on the board. There was really no way of being able to figure that out. I ordered the new board anyways, and spent HOURS trying to figure out how to fit everything on the board in the correct order.

If only I had heard of back then…

Powered by Pedal Train, this website lets you to pick from a huge list of guitar pedals and helps you assemble a completely customized pedal board online. This is such a great tool if you want to experiment with different pedal board sizes, and figure out how big of a board you need to invest in depending on the types of pedals you own (or expect to own in the future). All the pedals and boards are to scale, and if you have any weird custom pedals they even have options for that. To save your pedalboard, just click “Download Pedalboard,” and your board is automatically converted to a “.png” image.

For fun, I decided to re-create my pedalboard using, and here is what I came up with (they didn’t have a few of my vintage pedals listed, so I improvised):

my guitar pedals