Rdio Finally Launches Free Music Streaming (…kind of)

Rdio Main Product Image

Man, this bunch really has a hard time giving away their service. I guess you’ve got to commend a company with such tenacity and idealism, right? Being idealistic myself, I normally would applaud such behavior, but I think Rdio is taking an enormous risk by only offerring part of their service for free.

People who stream music can already listen to unlimited music on all devices, for free, with Spotify and Pandora. I’ll be so bold as to say that people using said services have already become used to the free, ad-supported experience of Spotify & Pandora (if they weren’t already used to it from traditional radio). With Rdio’s free version, a user cannot use the mobile app, and does not receive unlimited streaming (they become “cut off” after a certain period of time).

Out of all the music streaming services I’ve tried, Rdio really does provide a superior user experience. They do an amazing job of making music social, the search function is incredible, and everything else feels intuitive and seamless. Is that something that people will see as valuable and worth paying for on a monthly basis? I definitely do, but I’m definitely not everybody.

Have you tried any music streaming services yet? Which is your favorite so far?

  • http://brianwahlmusic.com/ Brian Wahl

    I’ve tried premium versions of Rhapsody, Napster, Rdio, and Spotify, with most of my use being the iPhone apps.

    Napster’s iPhone client isn’t for me – at all.

    Spotify seems like a great service, but the app doesn’t have a “library” button where I can view my artists or albums. I realize that their approach is that the whole world of music is your library, but when I’m driving my car, I don’t want to have to type in the name of an artist that I want to listen to. Turned into a dealbreaker.

    Rdio’s app felt great, but for some reason I passed on them.

    Rhapsody is my current service of choice. Great selection, and well done app, in my opinion.

  • http://tightmixblog.com Chris B.

    Great to hear from someone who has experience with such a wide range of these services. So you’re primarily a mobile listener, I’m guessing? I actually haven’t tried Rhapsody’s mobile app yet, maybe I should give them another shot…Rdio’s mobile app is pretty incredible, though…I just love how intuitive their UX is on every platform (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc).

  • http://brianwahlmusic.com/ Brian Wahl

    Yeah – mobile user for sure. I agree about Rdio’s app – it’s the best of the bunch by a long shot. To me, Rhapsody’s is 2nd best. There are a few artists I listen to a lot that are in Rhapsody’s catalog but not Rdio’s, though.

  • http://www.tanadra.com Tanadra Roads

    I’m going to have to agree with Brian there below. Rhapsody seems to be by far a great selection of choice if your using it via phone.(iphone).  Being on Spotify I’ve heard from several of my facebook fans that they’ve added me to their Spotify Playlist. I’ve played around with Spotify on my Macbook and I find it a great service.
    Haven’t tried Rdio but after reading this blog I will have to test the waters and see what happens.