How To: Order Your Guitar Pedals Correctly For Killer Tone


I know, I know. Some guitar players are going to look at the title of this post and go “HA! So-and-so artist didn’t know how to correctly order his guitar pedals, yet his guitar tone is iconic and awesome!”

However, what these skeptics may fail to realize is that there are DOZENS of factors that go into creating an awesome guitar tone. A good guitar amp, a killer axe, good technique, durable cables, posture, setting the action low, good intonation, playing style, and many more. I like to argue that the guitarist’s playing style is the biggest factor in determining guitar tone. You can have all the greatest gear in the world, but if you can’t pluck the strings, it’s all useless.

The piece of the guitar tone puzzle that I will be discussing here is the best order for your guitar pedals in the signal chain.

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