It’s e-mails like this that make it all worth it.

Casual Hearts

It’s so nice to receive e-mail from my contact form that isn’t spam or self-promotional nonsense. It’s rare, but when it happens, it’s awesome, brings a smile across my face, and restores my faith in humanity.

Hello Chris,

My name is Chase. This is nothing but a thank you. I just read your How to get your music on blogs article via CD Baby and I think it’s awesome that you take the time to give advice to aspiring artists and bands. Sincere advice from a successful source seems to be the most helpful and it’s very hard to come by at least in my experiences so I always admire anyone willing to do it and I vow to do the same upon achieving success in the future. So thank you for sharing the knowledge. Best wishes and take care.

— Chase of Casual Hearts

You’re very welcome, Chase :)

  • z.eectric

    oh, can you link the original article? wouldn’t mid giving it a read myself now…