The Progression of Mobile Music Production [GUEST POST]

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This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find internet service providers in your area and compare prices on different mobile broadband deals.

More and more, mobile devices are being utilized for the creation of high quality music content. Currently, there are several music production and editing applications for both the iPod/iPad operating system (iOS) and the Android platform. Amplitube, available on the iPad, lets the user feed audio from microphones and instruments directly into the device using a simple adaptor. Android’s Tape Machine Recorder application allows users to record and modify voice and other audio recordings to create professional grade music. Soon, Apple is going to take mobile music production to another level with the introduction of touch sensitive screens on new iPads. The iPad 3 will feature an accelerometer, which will enable the device to detect the difference between a light and soft touch. The implications of this with regards to mobile music production are HUGE!

Future mobile music producers and beat makers should consider the challenges unique to mobile music production before switching from traditional methods. Many of these applications require a lot of processing power, and will quickly drain the device’s battery. Some of these applications might not be intuitively easy to use, either. The iPad 3 will include a touch sensitive screen, but other devices will still lack the tactile response necessary for many music producers to effectively practice their craft. And iPad 3 users may be at an increased risk for damage to their screens due to applying increased force when using pressure sensitive applications.

Luckily, for mobile music producers, there are a number of mobile broadband deals available that not only allow artists and DJs to download the appropriate music making applications, but also to access program tutorials from their smart phone or tablet device.

As mobile music production becomes more popular, fans can expect to to see more artists and producers creating entire songs and albums using nothing more than a smart phone or tablet device.

New York City DJ and music producer, Rana Sobhany, released her debut album “Destroy the Silence” using nothing more than a couple of iPads, a single iPhone, stock music, and editing applications purchased from the Apple iTunes store. Some of the iOS applications used by Sobhany to produce her album and perform an hour long DJ performance include Beat Wave, Easy Beats LRG, iDaft, IK Multimedia Groove Maker Series, Jam Pad, Looptastic HD, and Pianist Pro.

In the future, iOS and Android OS devices will continue to be more affordable to the average consumer and therefore more attainable, especially as smart phone and tablet devices from competitors are introduced. Increased battery life and audio storage capacity will also be standard features, along with audio input ports for attaching microphones and other devices. Music production and editing applications will also be priced affordably, making it possible for nearly anyone to produce music and beats from any location. However, it wouldn’t be nearly as easy for mobile music producers to create music on the go without having access to mobile broadband from their smart phone and tablet devices. Savvy artists, DJs and music producers will seek out value priced mobile broadband deals to acquire unlimited access to new mobile music recording and editing applications, and educational material explaining the capabilities and functions of said applications.

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    I think technology has certainly done wonders for recording music and media, but it bums me out that recording studios are closing every day because of the home recording capabilities available today. I think it can really save you a lot of money as an artist to record at home, but I prefer being in the studio and allowing someone else with the expertise man the controls so I can focus on a great performance. I consider these new digital devices for the home amature rockstar.

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    Rather than blocking out ambient noise like street sounds, a personal audio device turns it into music.